Tame the Manliness With Body Hair Thinner

The term manscaping always makes me chuckle, but these folks have taken it to an art form… or a science… or maybe just a gadget geek obsession.  This should be perfect for the guy that already has the 5 o’clock shadow razor.

Mudage Jolie Body Hair Thinner

The Mudage Jolie Body Hair Thinner is a handy device for men who don’t want to scare girls away with their chest rug, but are reluctant to dispense with their body hair altogether! Simply pass it through your hairier areas to thin them down to a manageable amount.

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The Sushi Bazooka Is Here To Save the Day

Is your sushi militia falling behind its rivals?  Want to take your sushi fabrication to the next level?  Well, the folks at Strapya World of Japan have got you covered.

Looking for a quick an easy way to make Japanese style sushi rolls? You have come to the right place. With the Sushi Bazooka, you can make perfectly rolled sushi in no time!

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