Urban Beekeeping by IKEA

Ok, not really by IKEA, but if they did decide to get into the beekeeping business, I’d imagine they might call upon designers like Rowan Dunford.

Get Out! The Urban Beehive by Rowan Dunford in home furnishings  Category

Dunford wanted to eliminate any fears that might come with starting your own hive, like cost and complexity. Perfect for the beginner, the modern hive is simple and designed for flat-pack shipping and assembly.

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Terracotta Beehive With Style

I’m not sure efficient this is compared to the practical and modern hives you typically see, but I have to admit it is a beautiful piece of work and integrates elegantly into the setting.

Bar Lavi student at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, developed ‘To-Bee’ terracotta piece that allows beekeeping home since simplified the generation Beehive giving him a friendly format, and a more user-friendly. The project is interesting and fascinating, in-depth research by the life of bees, showing the relationship between bees and humans, and the reasons for his mysterious disappearance of large areas around …
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