Bike Wheel Generator Keeps Your Gadget Topped Off

The modern cyclist can have several power-hungry gadgets, not just lights but phones, music players, GPS devices and more.  All those batteries can really add up, but you have a high-speed potential generator right beneath you all the time so why not take advantage of it?



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Yet Another Thermoelectric Power Generator Project

I really can’t get enough of these, but I really am starting to wish we’d see some of these reach final, commercial, reliable and affordable markets.  Aside from the obvious uses in developing areas, they could be huge in the outdoor creation community and emergency preparedness situations.

A standard tPOD1 kit will include a tPOD1 power generator, a light with a USB connection, a quantity of tea candles for your initial fuel, and a handy carrying case designed for the tPOD1. We are also developing accessories for the tPOD1; a small battery regulator and charging system to work with the …
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