Futuristic Campfire for the Home

I have to give it props for minimalism and elegant design, but somehow I think I’ll have difficulty making smores by LED.

We’re all familiar with campfires, but here’s a clever twist on everyone’s favorite camping pastime. Introducing the LampFire! Composed of 3 independent “torches,” it was designed as a way for urban dwellers or beach lovers to enjoy a campfire-like glow from the comfort of the city.

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Gorgeous Tensegrity Table Combing Wood, Metal and Glass

I love more types of furniture and furnishing design than I could conceivably and tastefully integrate into any single home. This superb tensegrity table by Akke Functional Art is no exception.

This collection represents the delicate nature of the human psyche and the inherent risks involved in taking chances — as well as the great rewards that come from successfully pursuing one’s dreams.

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