Tiny TARDIS Drone

If this thing had a camera on it, it would be all over the next fan convention.

One small TARDIS, coming right up. No, really. Give us a second to maneuver it just right and …. there. TARDIS delivery service at your service.

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Flying Remote Control TARDIS

It won’t get you through all of time and space, but it will zip around the home or office earning you massive geek points.

Doctor Who Remote Control Flying TARDIS

Re-live your favorite Doctor Who adventures and make this awesome TARDIS replica fly by remote control! This fantastically fun Doctor Who Remote Control Flying TARDIS is nothing short of brilliant. It really flies through the air!

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Science Fiction Themed Ring for the Geek in Your Life

If the meteorite ring we featured earlier isn’t your style, how about one that fuses such all time favorites as Doctor Who’s TARDIS, the insignia for Star Trek’s Star Fleet and the United States’ Space Shuttle?


This is a Sci-Fi style ring. They wanted insignias mixed in with the design. Tardis (Phone booth from Dr. Who) is center motif. With a space shuttle on one side and Star Trek symbol on the other.

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