Why Yes, This is the Luggage You Are Looking For

This tribute to Star War’s most beloved droid appeared on Salvador Bachiller luggage site recently, but now it is apparently gone. My money is on the ‘forces” of Lucas’ lawyers, sadly.  There are many other beautiful and clever ideas still on the site, though…

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Saraceno Met Installation, Cloud City

Take a walk in the sky. Check out Tomás Saraceno’s pod-like Cloud City on the roof of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. It’s great to see but better to experience. Visitors can walk on and through the structure of clear plexiglass, polished steel, and open windows which create an exhilarating (and occasionally frightening) sensation of walking on air.

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Elevated Tiny Housing

Mystech:  Cute tiny house. Elevated platform good for floods and zombies.

© Olson Kundig Architects/ Benjamin Benschneider

Three years ago I called Tom Kundig TreeHugger’s first Best of Green Architect of the year, saying:

There shouldn’t be any such thing as "green architecture"–it should be built into every building and taken for granted. It should be standard operating procedure. Whenever we show the work of Tom Kundig, we are asked, "Why is this green?" I think it is when it does the right thing without hitting you over the head.

It was a controversial choice, given that we are …
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Clever Design Celebrates Cables Instead of Hiding them

Mystech: Without going into a rant about messy cabling, cluttered living/working space and the exploratory chewing of puppies, I can say I really like this approach to a world that is probably going to remain wired for quite some time to come (I’m not holding my breath for universal wireless charging adoption in the next couple months).

The Light Ivy is a clever lamp that features wire made from strong yet lightweight craft wire. The purpose is to expose the meandering electric wire of this lamp in a creative way. Usually we end up concealing the mess, but this nifty …
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Furniture by the Number, er, I mean by the Alphabet

Mystech:  Being a huge fan of quirky design and of flat-pack, how could I resists sharing this?

Alphabet Furniture by DDB Group

Singapore-based DDB Group has designed this modular flat-packed alphabet furniture in which you can connect the letters to create a particular product. For example, L-A-M-P put together will give you – what else – a lamp!

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