Drip Stop Coffee Cup

File this one under “so simple why didn’t someone think of that before”. This minor change to mug design stops casual spills from turning into iconic coffee rings on your desk and papers.


It’s no secret that the caffeine craving experienced by us coffee lovers is strong enough to risk having a ruined table or smeared papers! But now, that’s a thing of the past! The Drop Rest mug is an ingenious design that catches drips before they make it to the paper or surface of your desk. Capitalizing on the physics of surface tension, a thin groove keeps small, …
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Clever Design Celebrates Cables Instead of Hiding them

Mystech: Without going into a rant about messy cabling, cluttered living/working space and the exploratory chewing of puppies, I can say I really like this approach to a world that is probably going to remain wired for quite some time to come (I’m not holding my breath for universal wireless charging adoption in the next couple months).

The Light Ivy is a clever lamp that features wire made from strong yet lightweight craft wire. The purpose is to expose the meandering electric wire of this lamp in a creative way. Usually we end up concealing the mess, but this nifty …
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