Tiny Trailer Vacations in Oregon

Ever wondered if you could live the “tiny home movement”?  This seems like a great way to find out while getting in some low key vacation time as well.

kitchen of green vintage trailer

We are Pamela Adler and Sally Paterson from Bend, Oregon and we share a passion for horses, vintage travel trailers and of course, vintage and antique goodies. The result, as we combined our passions, is the birth of Cowgirl Cabins..Vintage Trailer Rentals. We welcome you to follow along on our entrepreneurial journey!

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Minimalist Floating Cabin

I love the use of wood and the simple symmetry of this floating cabin.  Not entirely sure about the shingled design or the below waterline windows, but I can definitely get behind the concept in general.  An aquatic retreat.

The project basically features is a floating catamaran suite including four places to sleep, two terraces for relaxing, and a crow’s nest to spot birds. The floating catamaran suite aims to lure a broader target group to nature and to help them understand the beauty and importance of nature and the protection hereof.

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Classic Frontier Stove With Modern Design Practicality

In an age of super light, exotic pressured gas mixes in proprietary canisters, Camping Solutions’ Frontier Stove is a marvelous throw-back that is remarkable durable, reliable and practical.  I love the design that looks like you could fight a bear off with it, or haul it to the next base camp. The only challenge?  A US distributor?

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Tiny Pre-Fab Home from the Great White North

A tree house that has come down to earth, or an acorn to call home? Either way, it certainly is cute and as a pre-fab, and if the price is right, it might be an easy way to bring your tiny home dreams to life.

This versatile accommodation unit offers guests an unrivalled experience and provides clients with a vivid resource for PR and marketing, helping to set them apart from the competition. The building sleeps 4 people and is delivered, assembled and commissioned in approximately 5 days (subject to site preparation). The eco-PERCH design is flexible and can be …
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