Get a Handle on Your Bike With Bike Strap

This is the second approach to this I’ve seen in the last couple months, the other employs a shoulder strap across the top bar which might be easier for heavier bikes.  This alternative approach might make the bike less unwieldy though. In either case, I can see the DIYers chomping at the bit to make their own variations.

The Bicycle Frame Handle The Frame Handle (a.k.a. “The Little Lifter”!)  is a comfortable, stylish, sturdy, and easy-to-use leather handle for carrying your bicycle, whether it’s up the stairs, across the tracks, or into the metro.

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Stunning Glowing Handlebars for Any Bike to Increase Safety

Even with cyclists increasing in the US daily, riders still face enormous challenges in recognition and safety from drivers, particularly at night. Designer Mitchell Silva looks to address one aspect of this with his brilliant after-market handlebar illumination system. They even include turn signals!

The Glo-Bars is a very clever handlebar system that integrates rechargeable LED lights to the bars of the cycle. These lights not only illuminate the track for the cyclist but also make them visible to oncoming traffic. The lights double up as turn signal indicators and also emit red light for traffic behind the cyclist. By …
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Disco Stu Approved Disco Helmet

This project is waaaay behind me ability to pull off… not in terms of skill, but in terms of wearing the results.  Still, if you’ve got the craft and fashion chops, you can dazzle even the most jaded hipster with your amazing disco ball head protection.  Also offers some defense against random laser fire*.

Disco Ball Helmet

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Ingenious Carry Strap for Bike Carrying

I spend enough time on commuter trains to see my fair share of folks with their bikes.  Some muscle them up stairs and escalators (with mixed results), while others wait patiently for elevators.  Adding a set of panniers or other gear can make this an even more awkward task.  I thought designer Samantha del Rosario came up with a very nice solution that might work for a lot of folks without getting in the way when not in use or cluttering up your bike even more.

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Green Your Ride with Bike Planter

Do you love riding your bike? What about plants? Bring your plants on an adventure and let them enjoy some sunshine and fresh air! If you’ve ever dreamed about attaching a plant to your bike, now you’re in luck! This bike planter is made with 3D printing, so not only will you be showing off your love of nature, but you’ll be showing off a little piece of the future.

Red Bike Planter

This planter attaches firmly to your bike with an elastic nylon cord, and will fit snugly on most tube sizes. And you’ll have to supply your own plant and bicycle …
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