Highly Disturbing Adult Sized Baby Face Masks

Oh look, its more nightmare material (as if we needed anymore).  These disturbing realistic maskes are individually handcrafted latex and come in “disgusted”, “happy” and “crying” varieties.

Lifelike Baby Mask

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Elegant Front/Back Rocking Baby Crib

I had no idea that back to front was healthier, but I do really like the clean lines of this crib.  It also looks like a prime candidate for a DIY flat-pack project.

Babies love to rock. According to research into the brain’s perception of sensory input, forward movement is the most comfortable and soothing type of motion for a baby. Think of rocking on a swing. The brain perceives this rhythmic forward swinging as a linear, soothing motion.

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Baby Mop Changes Housekeeping Forever

Sure, why not.  I mean they’re going to be shuffling around on the floor anyway.  Might as well put all the energetic crawling to good use, right?



Teach your baby a strong work ethic early on in their life. Your baby will learn not to drop and waste food.

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