Lumi Print Process for Textiles

What do you get when you add some basic chemistry, light and your creativity?

lumi2 Lumi lets you print on fabric using sunlight

The Lumi Process is a revolutionary photographic print process for textiles and natural materials. The process is based on Inkodye, mixable, dilutable, water-based dyes, which develop their color in sunlight. Currently available in three colors: red, orange and blue.

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Breathingtaking Mechanical Creations in a Wine Glass

These amazing works of Szymon Klimek are simply stunning. The novelty of movement, elegance of design and whimsy of mechanics and art are hypnotic.  Video after the cut.


Sponge, is a steam engine-like machine named for the latticework of tiny, interconnected brass pieces that expands and contracts as the engine runs. Sitting in a wine glass about a foot tall, a small silicon solar cell powers a concealed electric motor, which drives the 3-inch flywheel.

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