FishHunter Sonar, Get All NSA on Those Fish

Invading the murky aquatic depths to spy on your citizens, I mean, fishy quarry.

fishhunter e1391548757247 FishHunter Sonar   portable sonar device makes it easier to fish with your phone

FishHunter is a military grade sonar transducer made to work with the world’s most evolved fishing app on your Android or iPhone device. The game of fishing has changed.

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Ruggedized Hybrid Android Phone / Walkie-Talkie

Well aren’t those nice. Ruggedized android phone/walkie-talk with big removable batteries. The X5 is nice. Drop in your SIM card, take it hiking, hunting, etc and have all the comforts of home.  Onboard memory is tiny at 4gb but it is expandable with a microSD card… something many of the newest traditional phones can no longer boast.


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Multitasking Mobile Phone Key Fob

I don’t carry any iDevices around these days (a lonely iPod Touch sits at home for mobile testing), but I do frequently need a micro USB and have enough iPhone friends that this MIGHT be a nice addition to the kit.  If they could also work in a mini USB, it’d be an instant sale.

The Mojo Treble Key with Card Reader is the perfect USB cable for syncing and charging your iPhone/iPod/iPad and other Smartphones. With a built-in iPhone/iPad SIM card tray eject, you have all the tools you need to change your SIM card wherever you go.

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Google’s Official Android Phone Drops in Price AGAIN!

Google, you’re killing me with the love!  Your direct, unlocked, pure Android phone with no bloatware or contract just dropped in price again. This time to $349 which is unheard of for a non-contract unlocked phone of this calibre (compare Galaxy SIII at $600).

Galaxy Nexus is the first phone with Android 4.1, Jelly Bean. With Jelly Bean, the world’s most popular mobile platform gets even better. More intuitive, easier to customize, and faster than ever, Jelly Bean makes your device simple, beautiful and beyond smart. With Nexus, you get the latest updates packed with fresh features directly from Google.…
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Android Audubon Apps On Sale for Earth Day

I bought their Trees apps a few weeks ago on sale and really enjoyed it.  While there is room for improvement, I really like the idea of digitizing the Audubon books (which I’ve always enjoyed immensely).  Their original price point of $9.99 always struck me as a bit steep, but at 50% this will probably push me over the edge on picking up more of them.

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