Terracotta Beehive With Style

I’m not sure efficient this is compared to the practical and modern hives you typically see, but I have to admit it is a beautiful piece of work and integrates elegantly into the setting.

Bar Lavi student at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, developed ‘To-Bee’ terracotta piece that allows beekeeping home since simplified the generation Beehive giving him a friendly format, and a more user-friendly. The project is interesting and fascinating, in-depth research by the life of bees, showing the relationship between bees and humans, and the reasons for his mysterious disappearance of large areas around …
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Plant “Aeriums” Splash of Life to Your Space

These lovely glass planters combine a simplistic cubical glass design with visually appealing and low maintenance plants to bring a much needed note of beautiful to any space.  I’d love one at my office or home work space.

These little Aeriums have a “ship in a bottle” appeal. Tiny mosses, lichens, and tillandsias (air plants) live happily together under glass. Our Aerium artists handcraft each one. We love the way these look in a little group. A little colony of Aeriums makes a fantastic centerpiece for any festive occasion.

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Yet Another Folding Bike

I do love stuff that folds or transforms and bikes are no exception. I particularly like how this concept is “full sized” rather than the “clown bike” ones I often see around.

The Sorena folding bike concept uses a clever combination of intuitive locking levers to easily switch between riding and carrying positions. In just four steps it transforms from operable bike to compact carry-on that’s easy to manage on the train, bus or walking anywhere you can’t ride.

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Garden in a Sea Shell

Your garden doesn’t have to be under the sea but can sit nearly on the smallest desk or shelf. I adore these, and with plenty of plants requiring little soil and care, even the blackest thumb can green up their space.

It’s pretty simple from here: put a thumbful of potting soil into the shell, transplant your chosen succulent(s), and voila! an almost-instant itsy-bitsy wonder.

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Bike Wheel Generator Keeps Your Gadget Topped Off

The modern cyclist can have several power-hungry gadgets, not just lights but phones, music players, GPS devices and more.  All those batteries can really add up, but you have a high-speed potential generator right beneath you all the time so why not take advantage of it?



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