Stunning Glowing Handlebars for Any Bike to Increase Safety

Even with cyclists increasing in the US daily, riders still face enormous challenges in recognition and safety from drivers, particularly at night. Designer Mitchell Silva looks to address one aspect of this with his brilliant after-market handlebar illumination system. They even include turn signals!

The Glo-Bars is a very clever handlebar system that integrates rechargeable LED lights to the bars of the cycle. These lights not only illuminate the track for the cyclist but also make them visible to oncoming traffic. The lights double up as turn signal indicators and also emit red light for traffic behind the cyclist. By …
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Ingenious Carry Strap for Bike Carrying

I spend enough time on commuter trains to see my fair share of folks with their bikes.  Some muscle them up stairs and escalators (with mixed results), while others wait patiently for elevators.  Adding a set of panniers or other gear can make this an even more awkward task.  I thought designer Samantha del Rosario came up with a very nice solution that might work for a lot of folks without getting in the way when not in use or cluttering up your bike even more.

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Vintage Face Shields For Helmets

Looking to add a little “moon man” vibe to your motorcycle, scooter or bicycle helmet?

Ok, technically they are vintage bubble shields, but I like my explanation better.

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Removable Lightweight Bike Fenders

Although the sporty bikers types eschew the additional ounces of weight and wind resistance, anyone who bikes for practical reasons under realistic conditions knows full well the consequences of cycling without fenders to wards off  the, often grimy and gritty, spray generated from tires.  Permanently affixed ones are pretty much prerequisite on any bike I’d ride under these conditions, but you can have the best of worlds.  If you can get past the incredibly annoying Flash site, check them out.  Link after the cut.

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Full Windsor has developed a tool-free Quickfix Fender that can be easily attached in seconds – …
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