When Times Get Tough, the Tough Get Growing?

Mystech: I’ve had this very same urge myself at times, though I have no doubt its harder than the fantasy.

Nikos Gavalas and Alexandra Tricha, both 31 and trained as agriculturalists, were frustrated working on poorly paying, short-term contracts in Athens, where jobs are scarce and the cost of living is high. So last year, they decided to start a new project:growing edible snails for export.

As Greece’s blighted economy plunges further into the abyss, the couple are joining with an exodus of Greeks who are fleeing to the countryside and looking to the nation’s rich rural past as a …
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Jamesburg Earth Station sale: ‘Great place for armageddon’

Mystech: I really, really, really need about $3 million USD (let’s make it a cool $4 million just to cover additional expenses).

Ever wanted your own nuclear bomb-proof space station on the Central Coast? You’re in luck.

The Jamesburg Earth Station in Carmel Valley is for sale, and could be yours for a cool $2,950,000.


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Building Up Steam for Android

Mystech:  So many “out of steam” jokes  possible here, but serious, am I to understand you can’t actually buy or play the games. Am I missing a big something or is this a big WTF?

If you’re a PC gamer, then there’s a very good chance that you’ve used Steam. For those not familiar, Steam is a platform that was designed by Valve to make buying, downloading and playing games as easy as possible. With great sales and plenty of features, there are few reasons not to use it. One of my only complaints is that Valve has yet …
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Clever Design Celebrates Cables Instead of Hiding them

Mystech: Without going into a rant about messy cabling, cluttered living/working space and the exploratory chewing of puppies, I can say I really like this approach to a world that is probably going to remain wired for quite some time to come (I’m not holding my breath for universal wireless charging adoption in the next couple months).

The Light Ivy is a clever lamp that features wire made from strong yet lightweight craft wire. The purpose is to expose the meandering electric wire of this lamp in a creative way. Usually we end up concealing the mess, but this nifty …
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Furniture by the Number, er, I mean by the Alphabet

Mystech:  Being a huge fan of quirky design and of flat-pack, how could I resists sharing this?

Alphabet Furniture by DDB Group

Singapore-based DDB Group has designed this modular flat-packed alphabet furniture in which you can connect the letters to create a particular product. For example, L-A-M-P put together will give you – what else – a lamp!

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