Asus, Yeah We Have A Tablet For That

Asus is just exploding all over the tablet scene. By my count this morning, they have four “regular” tablet devices, the Transformer Series (basically tiers from entry level to OMG). Then they have the Padfone series which are devices which allow you dock a phone INSIDE a tablet housing giving it access to the larger screen, storage, ports and a huge battery. Then finally they have some smaller form factor MeMo tablets (not my cup of tea, but some folks adore them.


The tablet station has a 10.1″ screen, a gratuitous 24.4Whr battery, and Micro USB and Micro HDMI connections. …
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Spice of Life, Quick & Easy Spice Blends for Meals

I do not have that seemingly instinctive trait some people have for combining the right spices with other spices or even particular foods. Sure, I know that EVERYTHING tastes better with garlic, but it mostly ends right about there.

Thumbnail image for 20111006-173331-cider-mulling-spices.jpg

[Photograph: Max Falkowitz]

If you walk down the spice aisle of your local grocery store, you’ll find as many spice blends as actual spices. Some of them are painfully, eye-rollingly cheesy (“New Orleans-style flavor? Seriously?). Others, like five spice powder and vadouvan, are more worth your while.

I’m a big fan of spice blends when they’re made with care and quality …
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Basket Weaving is Cool, No REALLY!

Ok, all jokes about underwater basketweaving course, these are some cool and crafty applications.


Baskets have been replaced by plastic and other kinds of factory-made containers in almost every area of life, appearing today mainly as twee Easter decorations. Making them has become synonymous with wasting time – “basket-weaving” in the USA is slang for an easy lesson for slow students.

The craft of basketry, however, might be one of our species’ most important and diverse technologies, creating homes, boats, animal traps, armour, tools, cages, hats, chariots, weirs, beehives, shelters and furniture, as well as all manner of containers.

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Travel Lock Solution

I kind of have to agree. Those tiny lock and tiny keys invariable disappear on me every time.  There is probably a small horde of them along side numerous single socks.


You may find this funny, but I carry a separate coin purse in my handbag, exclusively for the keys to the locks of my travel bags. One lost key, a busted zipper and an expensive broken lock later, I decided not to take the risk of misplacing the keys ever again! Lockeeper hopes to remedy such situations and I really hope that the concept of a self locking …
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Bright, Bold, Brilliant Furniture from Weamo

I love the bold colors and clear lines of these designs. I don’t think these need to be limited to children’s furniture though. I can see these as being fun break down or even flatpack potential for patios and recreation or just hip decor.

Weamo Kids Furniture

Weamo is a UK-based children’s furniture company whose products are made with FSC-certified wood and colorfully painted. I especially love the little desk.

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