Fancy Slice Cucumber Fiends Rejoice

Finally, the dilemma of the tedious task of fancy cutting cucumbers day-in and day-out has been solved!  Wait, was this actually a problem?

Cucumbo-Spiral slicer

This spiral slicer will add colour to your kitchen and fun to your salads.  Ideal for cucumbers & zucchini. 
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Jerry Can Tool & Storage Box

Aside, from the nice touch of probably fitting the Jerry Can holders found on some Jeeps and Landrovers, it is just a nice form factor in general.



The Rampage Trail Can Utility Tool Box looks like a standard 5-gallon Gerry Can, but is made to store tools and accessories while you’re out on the trail.…
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Mouse Taxidermy Kit

And we have a WTF Wednesday Winner.


Based on traditional techniques dating back to Victorian times, this thoughtfully put-together kit contains everything a budding taxidermist needs to transform that stone cold rodent into an exquisite ornamental mouse. From surgical gloves and long-nosed pliers, to galvanised wire and tanning solution. Naturally the kit doesn’t include a mouse but it does have an extensive list of ethical suppliers to source your rodent from. 

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Mac & Cheese Air Freshener, Smells Like… Comfort Food

Now you never have to be far from that deliciously comforting aroma.  :-)

Mac And Cheese Air Freshner

This unique air freshener will permeate any car or room with the delicious aroma of a heaping, gooey bowl of mac and cheese ! Hang it in your car, locker a stinky closet-or anywhere you might need a little pleasant aroma.…
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Modular Garden Tools for Tiny Living

Of course, I’d prefer to see an actual order page instead of concepts but I do like the approach here.

Getting bored of heavy traditional hand tool clutter? Switch out your piles and piles of different tools for Modular Hand Tools! This innovative set consists of modular pieces to create various tool combinations.

Choose from a selection of easy-grip rubber handles and simply snap on the desired head piece. Better yet, when you’re finished they nest into a handy upright stand that keeps things organized while saving space. Whether it’s light gardening or quick fixes, it’s the perfect replacement set
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