Is That A Chainsaw In Your Pocket Or…

Nope, its just a chainsaw, a DIY one courtesy of the Instructable community. I’ve seen many commercially made versions of these and they vary greatly from a piece of piano wire with metal rings on the ends to truly impressive lengths of chainsaw blade that look like the unholy love child of Indiana Jone’s whip and a Terminator.  This version leans towards the latter and looks like a neat project.

Pocket Chainsaw

The chainsaw…awesome for cutting down trees, taking out brush super duper quick, and fighting off zombies. The only thing is a chainsaw is big…and rather heavy. Definitely not pocket sized. So I recently stumbled upon some replacement chainsaw blades, and I hacked em to make me my own pocket zombie defense system… well don’t know how well it’d stand up to zombies, but I do know it’s handy for cutting up firewood, or clearing small trees, and after your all done just carry it in your pocket.

Glue the Handles On

Via Instructables



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