Bike Wheel Generator Keeps Your Gadget Topped Off

The modern cyclist can have several power-hungry gadgets, not just lights but phones, music players, GPS devices and more.  All those batteries can really add up, but you have a high-speed potential generator right beneath you all the time so why not take advantage of it?



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Tiny Remote Gryocopter Let’s Everyone Have a Drone

This minuscule gryocopter breaks from the mold of remote helicopters that are essentially just scaled down from traditional copters. Instead, it incorporates designs from modern unmanned vehicles, and although you won’t find spy-tech or weapons on it, it looks like a lot of fun for a surprisingly reasonable price.

Tiny 2.4GHz Rechargeable 6 AXES GYRO RC Somersault UFO

The Perfect Flying Object with this New Design Technology, The Most Stable (like the real?) Floating in the AIR. The Special Design of the One Press Button, which can make the UFO to Somersault in the Air. This RC UFO is powered by a Small piece Battery that is …
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Night Shoveling

Oh I’m sure there are perfectly mundane uses for a lighted shovel, like… night blooming gardens, roadside sand/snow emergencies digging up the entrance to the map room in lost city of Tanis, however, I prefer to envision mobsters making a “deposit” late at night in the deserts outside Las Vegas.

For some odd reason the seven dwarfs used to go mining at night and I reckon they could put this Light Shovel to good use! Jokes aside, I think it is a clever idea to integrate lighting into the shovel stick. It could come in handy in mines or when …
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Furniture to Enable Your Inner Lazy Child

Sure, everyone wants to be cozy in the bed, but this one might just cross the line into transforming your bed into a “Laziness Command Center”.

Massages away daily stress. Treat yourself to luxurious support–and a soothing massage–in bed, anytime! Covered in our ultra-plush, NapSoft material, our bed rest features a built-in massager to help relieve sore, tired muscles. The stimulating vibration massage features two speeds–high or low. You can also choose an invigorating, pulsating massage program. Lets you read, write and watch TV in comfort.

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Fight Weeds, Be Prepared for Aliens

The battle against overgrown vegetation and weeds takes on a more stylish and ergonomic angle with Viktor Rosendahl’s futuristic concept “weed whacker”.  Or, you could just be getting in shape for fighting Aliens from James Cameron’s 1986 scifi movie.

This pole saw attachment combines advanced ergonomics with clean electric power to remove brush and branches. The long reach of the extension boom and a balanced, weight-distributing harness allows the user to easily trim branches without putting strain on the arms or back. The tool also collects and transfers information about its activity wirelessly to better gauge usage and efficiency.

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