Taking Chips & Dips to New Levels

Not only does this design save space on the table, but it literally “elevates” the chip and dip experience… yeah, I couldn’t resist the pun.

Scoop Chip and Dip Server

Designed by Wei Young, the Scoop Chip and Dip Server is a single piece with dual bowls. The dip bowl seems to hover over the larger serving bowl, giving it the “cool” effect while also saving space on the tabletop.…
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Hot Way to Cool Off With Jalapeño Popsicles

I’ve heard that spicy foods actually make you feel cooler on hot days, so what better way to experiment than with this exotic experiment.

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Delicious Looking Fruitsicles

Wouldn’t you know? Just as a brutal summer might finally be winding down, I came across these. Where were you when the pavement was melting and pigeons were bursting into flames.


Unlike other desserts, you can make them with either small amounts of sugar or no sugar at all. All you need is a ice pop mold and a freezer.
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Power Tools and Watermelon Juice

Tossing a the cubed chunks of a watermelon in a blender has always worked for me, but this method is pretty novel and allows you to keep the “hulled” melon as a decorative dispenser.


It is a HOT Friday at TechShop Menlo Park and everyone is sweating and working hard on their projects. Some watermelon juice sounds great but how do we make it with what we have around? :)
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Everything’s Better in a Bacon Cup

Ok, maybe not jello shooters, but I can think of lots of tasty bacon cup dishes.

Make an Egg in a Bacon Cup, and Other Incredible Bacon-Cup-Based Foods

I’ve made breakfast cups before with toast, eggs and bacon. After making an easier version last week with egg and cheese, I thought I’d try it again, but this time I wrapped them with bacon!…
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