50 Year Calendar Keyring

Sure, any decent mobile phone these days will do this, but there is a certain analog charm to this key chain version.

Are we going to get a 3-day weekend out of the July 4th holiday this year? Does Halloween fall on a weekday next year, too? This clever keychain can solve all your day-of-the-week dilemmas. Just dial up the year and the month in question, and it’ll tell you what day the date falls on.…
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Aquatic Robo-Crab Surfaces

Well, it was fun running the planet folks, but our robo-crab overlords have risen from the deep and our time is over. Did I mention there is a video?

crabster 4

Designed at the Korean Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST) with help from five South Korean universities, the Crabster CR200 as its officially known was aimed at overcoming the challenges posed by strong tidal currents in shallow waters.…
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Kitchen Tools in a Bottle

Cast a drift in an ocean of kitchen utensils, this is your message in a bottle.  Eight kitchen essentials in a neat, bottle container!

Akebono All-in-One Kitchen Tool Set
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FishHunter Sonar, Get All NSA on Those Fish

Invading the murky aquatic depths to spy on your citizens, I mean, fishy quarry.

fishhunter e1391548757247 FishHunter Sonar   portable sonar device makes it easier to fish with your phone

FishHunter is a military grade sonar transducer made to work with the world’s most evolved fishing app on your Android or iPhone device. The game of fishing has changed.…
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La Philie “Ant” Plates, Teapots and Cups

This strikingly realistic “ant-ware” by La Philie would probably give even the most ardent tea lover pause… and yet, I still like them.  :-)

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